Rongde Y2 Three Phase High Power Electric Motor

Rongde  Y2 Three Phase High Power Electric Motor

Y2 series 3-stage asynchronous motor is created for CZPTpe marketplace. The terminal box is found on the leading of motor, the motor framework is compact and the look is eye-catching. The indications and nom price are all in conformity with IEC specifications the motor have some great feature, such as substantial effecient, vitality-preserving, large starting up torque and straightforward servicing and so on.

Selection OF Performance
1.Body No:sixty three~355
three.Mounting sorts: B3/B5/B14/B15/B34/B35
4.Functioning method: S1
five.Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
6.Ambient temperature: -15°C < θ < 40°C
seven.Insulation class: F


Q: What is your payment term?

A: 30% T/T in advance, 70% equilibrium when getting B/L copy.  Or irrevocable L/C.
Q:Why did you decide on our company?
A:Our business has sophisticated engineering, outstanding group, will not allow you down.


Sort KW Variety KW Variety KW Type KW
Y2-63M1-two .18 Y2-100L1-eight .75 Y2-200L1-two 30 Y2-315M-4 132
Y2-63M2-two .twenty five Y2-100L2-8 Y2-200L2-two 37 Y2-315M-6 90
Y2-63M1-four .twelve Y2-112M-2 four Y2-200L-four 30 Y2-315M-8 75
Y2-63M1-four .eighteen Y2-112M-4 4 Y2-200L1-six eighteen.five Y2-315M-10 55
Y2-71M1-2 .37 Y2-112M-six two.two Y2-200L2-6 22 Y2-315L1-two a hundred and sixty
Y2-71M1-two .fifty five Y2-112M-8 1.5 Y2-200L-eight fifteen Y2-315L2-two 200
Y2-71M1-4 .twenty five Y2-132S1-two five.five Y2-225S-four 37 Y2-315L1-4 a hundred and sixty
Y2-71M1-4 .37 Y2-132S2-2 seven.5 Y2-225S-8 18.five Y2-315L2-4 200
Y2-71M1-6 .18 Y2-132S-4 5.five Y2-225M-two 45 Y2-315L1-six 110
Y2-71M1-6 .twenty five Y2-132S-6 three Y2-225M-four forty five Y2-315L2-6 132
Y2-80M1-2 .seventy five Y2-132S-8 2.2 Y2-225M-six thirty Y2-315L1-8 90
Y2-80M1-two 1.1 Y2-132M-4 7.5 Y2-225M-eight 22 Y2-315L2-eight one hundred ten
Y2-80M1-4 .fifty five Y2-132M1-6 4 Y2-250M-two fifty five Y2-315L1-ten 75
Y2-80M1-four .75 Y2-132M2-six four.five Y2-250M-4 fifty five Y2-315L2-10 ninety
Y2-80M1-six .37 Y2-132M-eight three Y2-250M-six 37 Y2-355M-two 250
Y2-80M1-6 .55 Y2-160M1-two 11 Y2-250M-eight thirty Y2-355M-four 250
Y2-80M1-eight .eighteen Y2-160M2-two fifteen Y2-280M-two 90 Y2-355M1-six 160
Y2-80M1-8 .25 Y2-160M-4 eleven Y2-280M-four ninety Y2-355M2-6 200
Y2-90S-two 1.five Y2-160M-six 7.5 Y2-280M-6 fifty five Y2-355M1-eight 132
Y2-90S-4 1.1 Y2-160M1-8 4 Y2-280M-eight 45 Y2-355M2-8 160
Y2-90S-six .75 Y2-160M2-eight 5.5 Y2-280S-two seventy five Y2-355M1-ten one hundred ten
Y2-90S-8 .37 Y2-160L-2 eighteen.5 Y2-280S-four 75 Y2-355M2-ten 132
Y2-90L-two two.two Y2-160L-4 15 Y2-280S-six forty five Y2-355L-two 315
Y2-90L-4 1.5 Y2-160L-six 11 Y2-280S-8 37 Y2-355L-four 315
Y2-90L-6 one.1 Y2-160L-eight seven.5 Y2-315S-two a hundred and ten Y2-355L-6 250
Y2-90L-8 .55 Y2-180M-two 22 Y2-315S-4 a hundred and ten Y2-355L-8 200
Y2-100L-2 three Y2-180M-four eighteen.5 Y2-315S-6 75 Y2-355L-10 160
Y2-100L1-four two.two Y2-180L-4 22 Y2-315S-8 fifty five    
Y2-100L2-4 three Y2-180L-six 15 Y2-315S-ten 45    
Y2-100L-six one.5 Y2-180L-eight 11 Y2-315M-two 132    


Rongde  Y2 Three Phase High Power Electric Motor