Squirrel Cage 3-Phase Induction Motor Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor High Efficiency Variable-Frequency Squirrel Cagemotor Ykk1000-10 4500kw 6kv IP54

Squirrel Cage 3-Phase Induction Motor Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor High Efficiency Variable-Frequency  Squirrel Cagemotor Ykk1000-10 4500kw 6kv IP54

YX, YXKS, YXKK series of medium and huge high-performance high-voltage cage three-section asynchronous motors have a total of forty heart heights from H90 to H1250. Our business has adopted contemporary superior evaluation technologies, combined with our firm’s a long time of expertise in developing and producing motors. Determine and optimize the design of a variety of losses, wind resistance of every wind route, and power of every single part. The use of large-good quality supplies and scientific processing technological innovation in the production helps make the collection motors have the advantages of substantial efficiency, minimal noise, low vibration, high trustworthiness and practical installation and maintenance.

The performance indicators of this sequence of goods comply with the restrictions of the Ministry of Finance and the Countrywide CZPT and Reform Commission on the “Implementation Policies for the Marketing of Motors in Universities and Colleges for Power-preserving Goods Benefiting Tasks”.
This series of motors can be utilized to push various common machinery these kinds of as enthusiasts, pumps, compressors and other mechanical tools, and are widely employed in electrical power, equipment, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industrial and mining enterprises.

2. Implementation expectations
GB 755 Rotating CZPT Device Ranking and Efficiency
GB/T 1993 Rotating electric machine cooling method
GB 10068 The measurement, analysis and limits of mechanical vibration of motors with a shaft middle height of 56mm and previously mentioned
GB/T 10069.one Rotating electrical machine sounds measurement strategy and its limitations Element 1: Rotating electrical equipment measurement strategy
GB 10069.three Rotating Device Sound Measurement Strategy and Limits Portion 3: Sound Limitations
GB/T 13957 CZPT needs for simple collection of massive a few-period asynchronous motors
CZPT situations of JB/T 7593 Y series large voltage three-period asynchronous motor (frame measurement 355~630)
JB/T 1571.1 YKS, YKS-W, YQF series high-voltage three-stage asynchronous motor technical circumstances (body dimensions 355~630)
JB/T 1571.2YKK, YKS-W sequence large-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor specialized situations (frame measurement 355~630)
JB/T XXXX YKK collection, YXKK series higher voltage (10KV) a few-stage asynchronous motor technological situations and power effectiveness classification (frame dimension 400~630)

3. Fundamental specialized parameters
Energy variety: eighteen.five-25000KV
Variety of poles: 2P-16P
Rated voltage: 380KV-thirteen.8KV (6KV and 10KV parameters are outlined in the info sheet, and can also be made into 3KV, 6.6KV, 11KV, 13.8KV)
Rated frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
Insulation course: F
Protection level: IP23, IP44, IP54
Cooling method: IC01, IC81W, IC611, IC616, IC666
Installation approach: IMB3
Quota: SI (work program)

4, specialized characteristics and construction type
4.one This collection of motors adopt a box structure, the body is welded by metal plates into a box kind, light-weight fat, good rigidity, the best of the motor is outfitted with a protecting leading protect or cooler, which is convenient for motor warmth dissipation, set up and routine maintenance.
four.two The stator is created of substantial-quality lower-reduction silicon metal sheets laminated in sections to make sure the top quality of the iron core, so as to decrease iron core reduction and enhance efficiency. The stator winding is made of F-class insulating substance, which has robust insulation endure voltage and anti-corona capacity. The winding ends are reliably fixed and tied, and vacuum stress impregnation solvent-cost-free paint procedure (VPI) is utilised, so the motor’s insulation performance Superb and reliable, high mechanical power, robust dampness resistance and lengthy services life.
4.3 Our firm types a fan dimension in the same centre, large and the identical pole number according to 1-2 power documents, every single admirer calculates the air inlet and outlet angles in detail, and uses Ansys to assess the partial strain air quantity of each area of the air duct, and style a affordable air duct The distribution and quantity of air ducts strictly handle the wind friction of the motor.
four.four The use of copper row rotors can properly minimize extra stray losses and decrease rotor bar losses.
four.5 By means of the German LDW motor large-energy and higher-performance motor technology transformation function, the slot-piece optimized composition is adopted, the air route is optimized, and the general wind resistance of the motor is diminished to lessen the general wind path decline.
four.six The bearing adopts two varieties of rolling bearing and sliding bearing. It is decided by the electrical power and speed of the motor. Its safety degree is IP44, IP54 or IP55. The rolling bearing is geared up with a non-quit oil injection and drainage device, which is straightforward for end users to use and maintain.
4.7 The main junction box is placed on the right side of the motor (seen from the extension end of the principal shaft), or it can be put on the still left aspect in accordance to user requirements. Individual grounding terminals are provided inside of and outdoors the junction box.
4.8 In accordance to person specifications, temperature measuring gadgets can be additional to critical areas such as stator windings and bearings to facilitate on-internet site observation and distant checking to guarantee risk-free and dependable procedure of the motor.

5. Situations of use
five.1 Ambient air temperature: -25ºC~50ºC
five.two Altitude: no much more than one thousand m
5.three Rated frequency: 50Hz, allowable frequency deviation ±1%
five.four In the course of voltage operation, the allowable voltage deviation is ±5%. (It can operate at ±10% beneath the condition of seven.3 in GB 755)

Squirrel Cage 3-Phase Induction Motor Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor High Efficiency Variable-Frequency  Squirrel Cagemotor Ykk1000-10 4500kw 6kv IP54