Servo MID-Speed Wedm Machine Lk-400s Step Morot AC Servo Motor for Your Choose

Servo MID-Speed Wedm Machine Lk-400s Step Morot AC Servo Motor for Your Choose

1.technological parameter (Scarlet data are different for every item.)

 Performance of the total machine   Products type device LK-400S
Fuselage Host Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) mm 1700*one thousand*2160
Whole fat kg 1500
Workbench Workbench size (width x duration) mm 740*460
journey X-axis travel mm 320
Y-axis journey mm 400
Z-axis travel mm three hundred
CNC Electrical power Supply pulse width us 1-250
Silk pace   -three
Reducing variety time one-seven
Mini.Mechanical Driving Equivalent um one
Pulse Resolution um .four
Processing potential Spindle stroke (electrically adjustable) mm 250
Max.cutting slope/workpiece thickness   6°~30°/80mm
Max. CZPT Capacity of Workbench kg 300
Machining accuracy Area accuracy X/Y mm ≤0.01
Repeated positioning precision X/Y mm ≤0.005
Multi-instrument Reducing Accuracy mm ≤0.005( 40mm,Cut a single and repair two. MaterialSKD11orCr12,HRC58)
Optimum Surface area Roughness um Ra≤1.(SKD11orCr12,HRC58))
Processing effectiveness Maximum reducing effectiveness mm2min ≥220
Typical chopping efficiency    mm2min ≥140
Max. Processing Recent A ≥6-eight
No-load Voltage of Machining Electrical power Source V a hundred
Electricity intake KW ≤2.3
Silk traveling technique Electrode wire diameter mm ∮0.twelve-∮0.two
Silk barrel touring pace   frequency management
Tightening strategy   Two-way computerized tightening
Wire travelling velocity m/s 3-12
doing work groove Filtration precision um <10
Filtration manner   Gradual-Walking Filtration
Operating fluid   Particular reducing fluid
Surroundings and electric power electrical electrical power   380V±10% / 50/60Hz / 2kVA
temperature   T15-30ºC / humidity40-eighty%
force kpa 86~571-8822571/8822 0571 6kpa

two.Gear add-ons

machine S/N title Comment manufacture  
Fuselage part one entire body High quality 250 Resin Sand Casting China  
two X.Y Axis Screw Precision ball screw ZheJiang  
three X-axis and Y-axis guideways Precision linear guidebook TBI  
4 Gasoline injection pump Personal computer Automobile. China  
5 Xihu (West Lake) Dis. wheel Thickened Gemstone Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Wheel domestic  
6 Ruby information nozzle patented product domestic  
seven reversing swap Omron Japan
8 Filtration program Filtration mode of gradual filament  Longkai  
Electrical power source part 9 Electrical power Manage Cupboard Higher Performance Manage Electricity Offer Medium wire technique  
10 industrial manage personal computer  Fan-cost-free twin-core CPU (four threads) Longkai  
11 CZPT Display Display Youda ZheJiang  
12 AC servo motor Panasonic Japan  
thirteen AC Servo Motor Driver Panasonic Japan  
fourteen relay Omron Japan  
15 Contactor Schneider France  

three. Paperwork

S/N name QTY  unit P.S.
1 Medium speed machine one    
two NC handle cupboard 1    
3 Filtration tank 1    
4 Packing CZPT Documents 1        
five Hold-all 1    

four.Extended-life shifting elements:
one.The X, Y and Z axes are all outfitted with large precision ball screw and imported rolling linear information, which can run easily and hold the accuracy of the machine device.
two,CZPTed bearings are employed in all shifting bearings of machine , so that the trustworthiness and toughness of equipment tool processing precision are higher and the extended-phrase passions of customers are assured.
3.The guidebook nozzle adopts the layout of sluggish-shifting wire. The UV axis is fastened and the information nozzle can rise and fall automatically, so that it can be as close as achievable to the workpiece’s machined floor, prevent the molybdenum wire from shaking once again, avoid the line marks on the reducing surface area, and significantly improve the accuracy and roughness of the machined surface.
4The tightening technique makes use of two-way computerized tightening system to tighten molybdenum wire in real time. The unevenness and precision of the processing plane brought on by the inappropriate tightness of molybdenum wire in the process of processing are extensively solved.
The guide wheel adopts specifically manufactured gem guide wheel and CZPT sprinkler plate. Substitute can automatically return to the origin, significantly lowering the issues of replacing susceptible elements, and facilitating the use of customers.
6.The imported linear information rail and the imported switch are used for the barrel information rail and the commutation switch to ensure the stability, higher precision and lengthy-term trustworthiness of the barrel at high and low speeds.
Main Traits of  Servo WEDM device
one,Graphic driving engineering lowers the labor intensity of workers, improves the efficiency of staff, and reduces the possibility of misoperation.
two,For end users of Home windows XP and other versions, the software program is simple to use, that is to say, understanding is learning.
three,Right embedded in AutoCAD, NCCAD, CAXA and other versions of software, the integration of CAD/CAM is recognized, and the machinable object of WEDM is expanded.
4,4-axis linkage management engineering is employed in the processing of taper workpiece three-dimensional design and style of processing trajectory and payment of manual wheel radius, wire diameter, unilateral discharge hole and elliptical mistake of big taper to remove the theoretical mistake of taper processing
five.With multi-card parallel engineering, one personal computer can handle several WEDM machines at the exact same time.
six,It can carry out multiple slicing, with the perform of user-managed process library, intelligently manage the processing velocity and parameters, so as to increase the surface complete and dimensional accuracy, and make numerous processing easy and trustworthy.
seven,This software program optimizes the processing of tremendous-thick workpiece (more than 1 meter) to make its monitoring steady and reliable.
eight,Connection network administration: In order to facilitate the procedure of 1 individual and multiple computer systems, drawing input and export, gear can understand community link.


Servo MID-Speed Wedm Machine Lk-400s Step Morot AC Servo Motor for Your Choose