Remote Supermarket Freezer with Triple Glazed and Anti-Fog Glass Door

Remote Supermarket Freezer with Triple Glazed and Anti-Fog Glass Door

Remote Grocery store Freezer with Triple Glazed and Anti-fog Glass CZPT


Established a new normal for large utilization of flooring place and decreased energy and lifecycle costs – all even though highlighting the sizeable – the items itself.
In present-day grocery store, presentation is almost everything. Goods need to have a location that shows off the worth of the goods. Thanks to the I7 Cronus ultra-minimal entrance refrigerated glass doorway multideck, clients will be drawn to a far more pleasurable encounter, with meat and large-quality new generate. The present day glass doors make a considerable contribution, highlighting the price of the products and inviting customers to attain in for anything clean.
Even when basically opening the hinged doorways, the comfortable closing technique opens with simplicity, making a instant of quality and magnificence. The large-visibility glass doors open up up an virtually completely clear look at of the merchandise.  
I7 Cronus ultra-minimal front glass doorway multidecks unite revenue-boosting style with better inside quantity, longevity and efficiency, supplying supermarkets with essential positive aspects in attracting buyers – all even though lowering lifecycle charges.

Crucial Attributes:

⇒ Ultra-slender Footprint
⇒ High-visibility Glass CZPT
⇒ Reduced Entrance
⇒ Ergonomic Glass CZPT Handles
⇒ Vertical internal cupboard LED lighting
⇒ Insulated Triple Glazed and Anti-fog Glass CZPT
⇒ Car Defrosting Layout
⇒ Higher Evaporating Temperature
⇒ With evaporator mounted on the base, great inside quantity is CZPT.
⇒ Substantially reduced power consumption with the will help of good insulation glass doorway
⇒ Distant Copeland Scroll or Bitzer Semi-hermetic Condensing Unit, free the supermarket from the sound and heats and producing excellent shopping conditons
⇒ Diverse types can be effortlessly assembled together to make a lengthy screen cooler / freezer.
⇒ CZPT Shade

I7 CRONUS Collection:

Product Dimensions (MM) Potential (L) Temerature Range (ºC) CZPT Qty Refrigeration Sort Loading Qty/40HQ
I7 CRONUS 150M 1500*930*2050 900 ~+ten/-18~-23 2 CZPTs Ventilated, Distant 11PCS
I7 CRONUS 225M 2250*930*2050 1350 ~+10/-18~-23 3 CZPTs Ventilated, Remote 10PCS
I7 CRONUS 300M 3000*930*2050 1800 ~+10/-eighteen~-23 4 CZPTs Ventilated, Remote 6PCS
I7 CRONUS 375M 3750*930*2050 2250 ~+10/-18~-23 5 CZPTs Ventilated, Remote 6PCS
I7 CRONUS M Stop 60*930*2050 End Panel Choices: Transparent Glass(only for Cooler), Mirror, Reliable
Remote Condensing Unit Copeland Scroll, Bitzer Semi-Hermetic Compressor


Remote Supermarket Freezer with Triple Glazed and Anti-Fog Glass Door