Outer Rotor Double-Shaft Single Phase Electrical Motor With CE

Outer Rotor Double-Shaft Single Phase Electrical Motor With CE


Frame quantity: 092 ~ 138 Power: 35W ~ 830W

Operating technique: S1

Apps: CZPT objective including reducing, equipment, pumps, fans, conveyors, Agricultural CZPT and foods machinery 
Characteristics:Very good-hunting appearance, Higher effectiveness and energy conserving, minimal sounds and minor vibration. B insulation course, IP44 security class

Functioning Problems:
Ambient temperature: -15senti degree≤ 0≤ 40senti degree
Altitude: Not exceeding one thousand meters
Rated voltage: 110V,220V, 240V
Rated frequency: 50Hz / 60 Hz

Responsibility / Rating: Constant (S1)

Technological PARAMETER

No. Design Rated Voltage Frequency Rated Electricity Rated Velocity Perform Established Insulation
1 YY092-0402 220V 50Hz 35W 2500RPM S1 B
two YY092-0404 220V 50Hz 40W 1400RPM S1 B
three YY092-0602 220V 50Hz 90W 2650RPM S1 B
4 YY092-0604 220V 50Hz 50W 1380RPM S1 B
five YY092-0802 220V 50Hz 145W 2300RPM S1 B
six YY092-0804 220V 50Hz 85W 1380RPM S1 B
seven YY092-1002 220V 50Hz 200W 2300RPM S1 B
eight YY092-1004 220V 50Hz 120W 1370RPM S1 B
9 YY102-0804 220V 50Hz 135W 1400RPM S1 B
ten YY102-0806 220V 50Hz 74W 920RPM S1 B
eleven YY102-1004 220V 50Hz 180W 1380RPM S1 B
twelve YY102-1006 220V 50Hz 108W 920RPM S1 B
13 YY102-1204 220V 50Hz 250W 1350RPM S1 B
fourteen YY102-1206 220V 50Hz 138W 920RPM S1 B
15 YY138-0804 220V 50Hz 380W 1320RPM S1 B
16 YY138-0806 220V 50Hz 230W 900RPM S1 B
seventeen YY138-1004 220V 50Hz 650W 1380RPM S1 B
18 YY138-1006 220V 50Hz 480W 900RPM S1 B
19 YY138-1404 220V 50Hz 830W 1325RPM S1 B
20 YY138-1406 220V 50Hz 520W 900RPM S1 B

MOTOR Merchandise PIC

Pure Copper wire Winding ,Power Saving ,Minimal temperature increase ,
Prolonged-existence Span,Stable Purpose performance

one hundred eighty-degree-Higher-temperature-Resistance Pure Copper wire Winding 
#600 Silicon Steel 

Good-good quality Silence CZPT 

Manufacturing facility Immediate-Promote ,Quality Guarantee 

Pre-sales services: 

•We are a sales group, with all technical help from engineer team.
•We worth each inquiry despatched to us, make sure rapid competitive offer within 24 hours.
•We cooperate with customer to layout and create the new products. Provide all required doc.

Following-product sales provider:
•We respect your feed again soon after obtain the motors.
•We supply 1years warranty soon after receipt of motors..
•We promise all spare areas CZPT in lifetime use.
•We loge your complain inside 24 hours.

Outer Rotor Double-Shaft Single Phase Electrical Motor With CE