Impeller Dg4137 Eg6137 Gg12137 Fg10137 Fg8137 Gravel Sand Pump Impeller

  GG12137 areas
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Slurry pump impeller is the primary element in centrifugal slurry pumps which has vanes to impart and immediate the centrifugal pressure to the slurry.
Slurry pump impeller is also the most assorted element in slurry pumps, by modifying impeller, the identical slurry pump can include more distinct obligations.
Slurry pump impellers are usually made in higher chromium alloys or natural rubber, unique supplies are also CZPT.
Substitution areas are dimensionally interchangeable with the AH, L, HH, G, SP series. 
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Primary Sand Slurry Pump Impeller Code 

Elements Code   Suitable for pump design  Pump Kind
B1127 one.5/1B-AH

AH  Horizontal Slurry Pump

B15127 two/one.5B-AH
C2147 three/2C-AH
D3147 four/3C-AH, 4/3D-AH
D3058 4/3C-AH, 4/3D-AH
D3571 4/3C-AH, 4/3D-AH
E4147 6/4D-AH, six/4E-AH
E4056 six/4D-AH, 6/4E-AH
E4058 six/4D-AH, 6/4E-AH
F6147 8/6E-AH, eight/6F-AH, 8/6R-AH
F6056 8/6E-AH, eight/6F-AH, eight/6R-AH
F6058 8/6E-AH, 8/6F-AH, eight/6R-AH
F6145HE2 8/6E-AH, eight/6F-AH, 8/6R-AH
FAM8147 10/8F-AH
G8147 ten/8ST-AH
FAM10147 12/10F-AH
G10147 twelve/10ST-AH
FAM12147 fourteen/12F-AH
G12147 14/12ST-AH
32056 50B-L L Reduced Abrasive Horizontal Slurry Pumps
43056 75C-L
64056 100D-L
86056 150E-L
108056 200E-L
F8147 ten/8E-M, ten/8F-M, ten/8R-M M Medium Responsibility Slurry Pump
F10147 twelve/10F-M, 12/10R-M
CH1127 1.5/1C-HH

HH  High CZPT Slurry Pumps

DH2147 3/2d-HH
EH3147 4/3E-HH
FH4147 6/4F-HH
SP4206 40PV-SP  SP Vertical Slurry Pumps
SP65206 65QV-SP
SP15716 100RV-SP
SP15206A 150SV-SP
SP25716 200SV-SP
DAF4127 4RV-AF AF Froth Slurry Pump
BAF2127 2QV-AF 
DG4137 6/4D-G

G Gravel Sand Pump

EG6137 eight/6E-G
FG8137 10/8F-G
FG10137 12/10G-G
GG12137 fourteen/12G-G

Sand Slurry Pump Impeller

Sand Pump Impeller Materials

1. A05 is a wear resistant white iron that gives outstanding efficiency below erosive situations. The alloy can be successfully utilized in a wide range of slurry kinds. The high put on resistance of alloy A05 is offered by the presence of hard carbides in its micro-framework. Alloy A05 is specifically suited to programs where delicate corrosion resistance, as effectively as erosion resistance is required.

2. A07 Marten-sic white iron with reasonable erosion resistance.

three. A49 is ideal for low pH corrosion responsibilities, exactly where erosive wear is also a problem. The alloy is particularly appropriate for Flue Gasoline Desulphu-rization(FGD) and other corrosive purposes, exactly where the pH is much less than four. The alloy can also be used in other mildly acidic environments. A49 has an erosion resistance similar to that of Ni-Hard 1.

NaiPu Primary Pump components

Primary Slurry Pump Elements : Impeller , Volute Liner , Casing , ThroatBush, Frame Plate Liner Insert , Cover Plate , Frame Plate, Pump Liner Expeller , Expeller Ring ,Stuffing Box , Expeller , Pump Shaft , shaft sleeve, Shaft CZPTr, CZPT Assembly , Base, Stuffing Box, Gland Assembly, CZPT Housing , Lantern Ring , pump discharge pipe , flange , and so on.

Rubber CZPT Elements



The elements are widely utilized in Main Programs: LargeCoal Prep Major Chemical Slurry Provider Cracking Functions Ash Dealing with Pipeline Transportation Transportation Foodstuff Processing Metallic River And Pond Dredging Removal Larger Particle Or Lower NPSHA Apps Continuous (Snore) Sump Pump Operation High Density Slurries Blending Major sand Slurry Pump Design

AH collection L(R) ,M HH SP(R) G AF Series
1.5/1B-AH(R) 20A-L one.5/one C-HH 40PV-SP(R) 6/4D-G 2QV-AF
two/one.5B-AH(R) 50B-L(R) three/2d-HH 65QV-SP(R) 8/6E-G 3QV-AF
three/2C-AH(R) 75C-L four/3E-HH 100RV-SP(R) ten/8F-G 6SV-AF
4/3C-AH(R) one hundred D-L 4/3X-HH 150SV-SP(R) 10/8S-G 8SV-AF
6/4D-AH(R) 150E-L 6/4F-HH 200SV-SP 12/10G-G  
six/4E-AH(R) 300S-L 6/4X-HH 250TV-SP 14/12G-G  
eight/6E-AH(R) 10/eight R-M 6S-H   14/12T-G  
8/6R-AH(R) 10/eight E-M eight/6S-H   16/14 G-G  
10/8F-AH(R)   8/6X-H   sixteen/14TU-GH  
ten/8X-AH(R)   6S-HP   16/14H-GH  
twelve/10ST-AH(R)   eight/6S-HP   eighteen/16G-G  
fourteen/12ST-AH(R)   8/6X-HP   18/16 TU-GH  

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Impeller Dg4137 Eg6137 Gg12137 Fg10137 Fg8137 Gravel Sand Pump Impeller