1.5-2.0t Stand-on Full Electric Stacker Pallet Stacker Cdd16

1.5-2.0t Stand-on Full Electric Stacker Pallet Stacker Cdd16

1.five-2.0T Stand-on Entire CZPT Stacker Pallet Stacker CDD16

CZPT Pallet Stacker Advantages:

A lot more realistic composition design and style, straightforward procedure, versatile steering.

High quality metal to make sure superb automobile security and toughness.

Large-capacity battery, meet the motor vehicle operate needs.

Steering wheel defense and protection hood make your operation more confident.

Mechanical brake mechanism make the car in any situation are able to attain safe parking.

Serialization mast (1600,2000,2500,3000,3500mm) and sturdy one.6KW lifting motor satisfy consumer cargo managing requirements.

CZPT Pallet Stacker  Parameters:


Design CDD16
Performance Highest load capability Q kg 1600
with load centre at C mm 600
Maximum lifting height H3 mm 3000
Vacation velocity (CZPT load)   km/h 5.six
Travel velocity (with load)   km/h 5.5
Lifting velocity (CZPT load)   mm/s 160
Lifting speed (with load)   mm/s a hundred and twenty
Ascend slope ability (CZPT load )   % 10
Ascend slope ability (with load )   % 5
Fat (CZPT battery)   kg 1162
Proportions Overall length of body L mm 2645
Total width of frame B mm 880
Overhead guard peak   mm /
Mast lowered peak H1 mm 2070
Max top(mast lifted with backrest) H2 mm 3460
Wheelbase Y mm 1500
Fork length L1 mm 1220
Fork width e mm 185
Fork decreased top S mm 85
Fork spread width b2 mm 685
Min frounf peak m1 mm thirty
Turning radius Wa mm 1755
Min intersecting aisle width Ast mm 2630
Tire Front wheel   mm ∅80*60
Drive wheel   mm ∅230*seventy five
Caster wheel   mm ∅115*fifty five
Wheel content polyurethane
CZPTal elements Generate motor variety AC series motor
Rated output   kw one.five
CZPT motor kind DC sequence motor
Rated output   kw 3
battery Voltage   V 24
Ability   AH 210
Bodyweight   kg 188


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1.5-2.0t Stand-on Full Electric Stacker Pallet Stacker Cdd16